Source code editor.

The new version of Html-manko with a lot of new features.

Hungarian only.
New main features
Version 4.3.1.:
  • Updated Browser/Clipboard tab/FTP,SCP connection window
Version 4.3.0.:
  • Updated Imageconvert / Tidy manager / Create screenshot / Imagemap / Print windows
  • Updated and fixed Outline / User actions / Content module
  • File manager
    Loaded/active files tabs
  • Optimated highighter method and updated highlighter files
  • Updated editor popup menu
Version 4.2.0.:
  • Check file modifies in thread when window activate
  • Updated Editor2Web's file manager/Insert comment
  • Updated Browsers (without old Mozilla Gecko engine)/Content tool window and Ruler window
  • Bugfixes
Version 4.1.0.:
  • Updated Help/Actions/Text compare/Browser test/Notes/Options panels
  • Tools for easy editing
  • Emmet integration ( https://emmet.io/ )
  • Manage plugins
Version 4.0.0.:
  • Outline and Content > Easy navigate in codes
  • Updated FTP/Code template module
  • Operation filter
  • Build in Firefox/Google Chrome engine with automatic refresh
  • Tools for editing
  • OS Command result capture
  • Imagemap builder
  • Capture screenshots then convert to tutorial video (FFmpeg)
Version 2.9.4.:
  • Show quick HTML sensitive list in Editor
  • Text operations
    Replace, Line operations, Convert
  • Refreshed menus
  • Full view
Known bugs
- Slow editing with large files
- Highlighted links over on left margin
The switch between screens and to view in full size, click on the screenshot below.

Missing extensions are downloaded automaticly from www.sgabor.com.
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